Jul 7, 2021

How Garment Manufacturing Partners Can Help Their Customers Innovate

When global brands choose a manufacturing partner, they need more than just a factory that can handle orders. They need a real partner who can provide added insight and initiative to help them succeed.

Data-driven strategy. Technologically advanced design and production. The expertise that comes with experience. A culture that puts the consumer first. In every facet of their operations, the ideal manufacturing partner goes above and beyond for the good of their customers.

In today’s fast-changing economy, innovation plays a central role in staying competitive. Bringing new products to market quickly is a prerequisite for success, but it is not the only one. Other types of innovations go beyond design and production, covering additional areas such as strategy and ideation.

Improvement, however, does not come about in a vacuum. The following qualities lead to genuine innovation, and distinguish exceptional garment manufacturing partners from their more common counterparts.

1. Being a real partner

The ideal garment manufacturing partner will do much more than just fulfill orders. By taking the time to understand their customers, they can align on strategy and think creatively about opportunities for improvement. This approach lets assertive manufacturing partners suggest new designs, enhancements on products, ideas for increasing profitability and efficiency, and even the potential benefits of utilizing different materials. The right manufacturing partner can also help improve sustainability through recycling technology or special fabrics. For these and other issues, long-term, constructive relationships allow for precisely the kind of teamwork that delivers better and more creative outcomes.

2. Having a dedicated innovation team

For creativity to truly flourish, garment manufacturing partners must set aside experienced personnel to apply their understanding of both the consumer and the market. A dedicated team of designers and engineers, working full-time in a facility separate from the main production area, can generate high-quality ideas and solutions for the benefit of the brands they serve. Ideally, this team isn’t evaluated according to traditional rules of productivity or efficiency. They are instead empowered to experiment with new ideas, finding creative ways to serve customers better. This agile approach represents an important investment in innovation, using data and industry expertise to drive ideation forward.

3. Adapting to customers’ needs

Each customer requires a different level of support. Some already know exactly what they want, while others need more guidance. Some have ideas or models that aren’t quite complete, and need expert help to finalize the key concepts before beginning production. In many cases, customers only have basic sketches for their products – and need to work alongside their garment manufacturing partner to develop these preliminary ideas. In other cases, customers begin with only broad ideas, needing help to develop each design from the ground up.

Whatever the situation, the garment manufacturing partner must have both the mindset and the in-house expertise to turn each customer’s vision into a reality. At Hi-Tech, we understand the enormous value of innovation for our customers. That’s why, with our dedicated innovation teams and our commitment to the success of every customer, we embrace these keys to innovation. From a foundation of partnership and understanding, through to our world-class facilities, we are an ideal manufacturing partner for our customers.

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