Oct 7, 2021

3 Ways Manufacturing Partners Can Help Brands Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Following the rise of environmental awareness and advocacy across cultures, consumers increasingly seek products that are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. Clothing brands have responded by focusing on sustainability in their garment production, to satisfy customer demand while also showing that they share these same values.

Trust is a key element in this equation. Consumers expect transparency from the brands they support, especially regarding their supply chain. Consequently, the choice of garment manufacturer plays an important role in how clothing brands are perceived – and how they perform on the market.

Below, we highlight three different ways that the right manufacturing partner can help brands achieve their sustainability goals.

1. Environmentally friendly garment production

Sustainable clothing starts with responsibly sourced materials, such as recycled fabric or textiles made from organically grown cotton. Once selected, these materials should be processed using environmentally friendly methods.

The right manufacturing partner can help brands access better, greener methods of garment production. Lean principles and resource-efficient production techniques are able to minimize water consumption, as well as the release of wastewater.

Energy-efficient production is another way for brands to reduce their carbon footprint. Where present, green technologies such as solar panels can provide clean energy for clothing manufacturing. Ultimately, these methods not only cut down on production costs, but also lead to lower fossil fuel emissions – helping to support wider environmental goals.

2. Ethical manufacturing 

Sustainable garment manufacturing also includes being responsible in our treatment of people. As consumers pay closer attention to the treatment of employees, global brands must find a partner that takes seriously the health and safety of their workforce, and can ensure their products will be made ethically.

This means fair compensation for team members, alongside good employment practices and a respectful environment. The right partner should also provide a clean and hygienic workspace that meets local regulations as well as internationally accepted safety standards.

Here at Hi-Tech Apparel, our people-centric culture is a core value. We treat our colleagues with dignity and respect, ensuring that they are free from discrimination while at their place of work. We consistently employ diverse and inclusive hiring practices that support and empower women, migrant workers, and other marginalized communities.

3. Going above and beyond international standards

When choosing a sustainable garment manufacturer, clothing brands also should look for a company that meets or exceeds the standards of international accreditation and certification.

The adoption of globally accepted standards helps brands confirm that a potential manufacturing partner meets their goals – including environmental impact, employee protection, and the quality of their management. Furthermore, adoption of international accreditation and certification demonstrates willingness by a clothing manufacturer to go beyond local regulations, and voluntarily adhere to higher standards of quality.

Currently, Hi-Tech Apparel meets and exceeds the standards of several international accreditations. These achievements reflect our ongoing effort to monitor our production footprint, reduce our energy consumption, and ensure that our personnel operate within a safe, secure, and progressive work environment.

Hi-Tech Apparel will even go one step further to support your brand’s journey to sustainability. Whatever your preferences and standards are, we are willing to adapt our processes accordingly, and are happy to undergo assessment of all our facilities.

Your partner in sustainability 

Meeting sustainability expectations in today’s environmentally and socially conscious era is a challenge for all global clothing brands. To achieve true sustainability in their global value chain, brands need a manufacturing partner that will meet stringent requirements for ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

At Hi-Tech Apparel, environmental and social commitments are at the forefront of our operations. If your brand seeks a manufacturer that will go above and beyond to match your sustainability goals, get in touch with us today.




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